Our mission is to provide the world with information we have accumulated from current sources, with the expressed goal of creating nutritional choices and fitness programs to enhance overall well-being.

Fitness and nutrition determine the ability to enjoy, to the fullest, your time on this planet.
We ask you, why not enjoy life to its fullest?


Al Giaquinto, 61, founder of Hamptons Vegan, came to the conclusion after a lifelong search for a healthy lifestyle, that veganism was the way to live life at its healthiest. Four years ago, Al came across some research in regards to the detrimental effects of eating animal products. After reading several books and consulting with his General Physician including several other physicians (who have written books on cancer and heart disease), as well as a Cardiologist, he pursued the vegan lifestyle.

Al believes that fitness and nutrition play equal parts in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Eating vegan is only half of the equation. Please see our Fitness section for more information on how to jumpstart or continue a healthy lifestyle.

Currently a boxer, runner, and hiker, Al has found that vegan nutrition fuels his body like no other diet. Ethnically Italian, and raised on meats, cheeses, and pasta, the initial conversion hit a few snags. The meat fell away easily, but the cheese took a little more effort. Eventually, cheese and dairy were long gone, and Al never looked back. Click here for pictures from Al's most recent expedition.

Al wishes to share with the world his experience, to disseminate information, and encourage others to make the transition to a lifestyle that leads to a strong and healthy mind, body, and spirit. Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint.